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Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding/ Honeymoon Trip Day 1 &2

Scott and I ran away to Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos to get married.  The story of our trip is fairly entertaining, at least to us, so I am going to share it in small chunks.

We went down to Atlanta on Saturday night and flew out of there Sunday morning to Fort Lauderdale.  We got into Green Turtle Sunday late afternoon after two plane rides, one airport shuttle, one airport tram, a cab and a water ferry.  It was a long day.  Our hotel was lovely and Sunday night we stayed at the resort to eat dinner and unwind.
The completely safe and reliable plane we took from Fort Lauderdale to Treasure Cay.  That is what I chanted to myself the entire flight:)
The Green Turtle Club-our honeymoon home base

Monday morning we went to the little town on our island to apply for a marriage license.  We go to the administrators office and there is a "we will be back later" note on the door.  No worries-we are on island time we thought.  She returns some 30 minutes later only to tell us the only person who can sign our papers in on vacation, I guess with no confirmed return date.  Um?  She said we could go across the bay to the bigger town and try there.  We called-that administrator was in, so we decided to take our rental boat the 12 nautical miles to get our paperwork sorted.  The trip was uneventful until we pulled within a mile of our location and saw a fairly ominous storm blowing ashore.  Um?  OK-we waited for 20 minutes and it passed.  We arrive, dock, and step onto the face of the sun it felt like.  The recent heavy rain has steam rising from the sidewalks.  YAY!!  We walk two blocks to the "other" administrators office only to be told he was "out to lunch."  We said fine-we will wait-here, in this air conditioned office.

Mr. Cox arrived and filled out our papers, no muss no fuss.  I would like to point out that Scott had three options to choose from- bachelor, divorcee or widower.  I had three options as well- divorcee, widower or SPINSTER??  Um????  Whatever-we got out forms and proceeded to eat lunch in a place the administrator recommended.  It looked like someones living room.  It wasn't air conditioned-see above on what the temp felt like.  The food was divine and we took it outside and ate at a table overlooking the ocean.  It was divine!!

We got back and met with the bishop who was doing our ceremony.  Scott liked him immediately be cause we was wearing a jesus hat that was camo.  Not something you see everyday.  We arranged to get married on Tuesday.

The storm blowing on to the island we were planning to visit.  It was gone in 20 minutes and was pretty impressive to watch from our spot in the middle of the bay.

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