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Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving on and outward

The nature of the beast of home renovation is multi-tasking.  Finish the current projects while planning the new projects is how it has to work to keep the ball rolling.

We are nearing the end of "Phase 1" of the renovation which included the entire upstairs of the house.  We are getting ready to put a new roof on the house-which normally wouldn't precipitate big decor decisions, but in our case it does.  We plan to paint the outside of the house-in "Phase 2" of our renovation, after the new roof.  To pick the right roof color I need an idea of what the outside color of the house will be-which makes sense. 

As a reminder the current house is light khaki with a dated teal color accent.  Not our taste.  Since I am all about taking risks with color I lean toward a grey outside color scheme (I know-CRAZY TOWN-but my comfort zone is khaki and taupe.)  I used the Sherwin Williams site to mock up some ideas.  This is crude-but you can get the idea.  Also keep in mind-our lot is heavily wooded..and we are not planning to change the stone.  We will do a full overhaul of the outside landscape next spring, "Phase 4."  I will be adding lots of color to the front of the house with reds, purples and white bushes and flowers.  Don't let the current UG-Landscaping influece your ideas.

Please let me know what you think.

Option 1.  Green, Grey and a Teal-ish accent.

Option 2- Grey/Blue, Taupe and Orange

Option 3- Khaki, Dark Khaki and Red

Option 4-Light grey (almost cream), dark grey and blue.

Option 5- More khakis and a green accent

Option 6- Dark slate grey/blue, light grey and a bold yellow.  Note I like the tone of this door but yellow will be no where in the landscape if I have my way. 

Option 7- grey blue and an orangey/yellow accent.

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