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Monday, September 12, 2011


Scott and I have been looking for a big/industrial piece that we can use in our "under renovation" home once its all finished.  I wanted something with size that would be unusual.  We had gone back and forth on lockers, library card catalogs and things of that nature.  This piece from Restoration Hardware is my inspiration.
Inspiration Piece

The end of June we stumbled upon the "NAIL BIN."  It was on craigslist and we both instantly liked it.  We liked the wasn't crazy far away so we called.  We went back and forth with the owner of said nail bin and came to a fair price.  We went to Sevierville to pick it up the Saturday of July 4th weekend.  At 8am.   Like vintage furniture marines.  We were home by 10am with this guy (after breakfast in a place that looked like our current basement, which was odd):
All nine feet of the nail bin glory.

Its HUGE...this picture doesn't even do it justice.  It's HEAVY and the top has considerable rust.  Each of the bins is heavy metal and they slide out...not on a track.  They stay open like you see above.  Some of them have considerable rust.

After letting it sit for a couple of months I am trying to come up with a firm plan.  I know it needs to be refinished in some way.  Likely sanded down.  Maybe sandblasted?  And probably refinished in some way.  All these details are up in the air.  Also-I know I want to remove some of the bins for open shelve storage.  Since it will be in the dining room I imagine we could put platters on it and such.  The bins I keep could be used for napkins. 

I have showed many people and I think most think I am nuts.  Maybe?  We'll see.

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