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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Antiques and Auctions, oh my

One thing Scott and I enjoy is hunting for antiques.  We have gone to antique fairs and stores far and wide in search for special pieces for our home.  It's a nice hobby that we both enjoy.  Recently we have gotten into the local auction circuit which has been so much fun.  I will share some of our past finds and the newer pieces as we add them to the house.

We found this chest in Ohio and we love it as our upstairs coffee table.  The colors are perfect and its still in working order, which allows me a great place to store serving pieces which we don't use often.

 We got this industrial sign in Ohio.  I loved the coloring, the size and the reference to my hometown.  We carted it all the way home and hung it before Scott mentioned that "perhaps" the subject matter could be misconstrued in an "off-color" way.  For some reason that endeared it to me more...which is likely a sign of a mental imbalance;)

We got this chest in Ohio.  It's perfect in the entryway.  On top of the dresser is a really cool piece, I will get a better picture soon.  It's a time clock from Scott's grandpas old job- some 50-60 years ago.  We found it in the family barn.  His name is on it...its the coolest thing ever.

 We got this old school table in Ohio.  The chairs we got in Tennessee.  I painted them to bring some color into the space.

 This old scale came from Ohio.  I think it looks so cool in our kitchen.  We actually use it to store fruit-it only gets a place if we can apply some sort of function to it.
 This is one of my favorite pieces from our last trip to Ohio.  As you can tell, our last trip was fairly fruitful.  This is an old organization unit from a factory in the Midwest.  I use it to corral my knickknacks.
 Close up...its full of mostly Easter goodies this time of year.

 Scott stumbled upon this old tanning lamp while we were in Ohio.  He was able to turn it into a standing lamp.

You might remember we purchased this old nail bin, the summer of 2011.  In the midst of the wedding planning and remodel we knew we had to have it.  Because we are crazy.

We, Scott of course, split the nail bin into three sections.  He took the outer two sections and the top and is using them in his garage.  The third section we used with a reclaimed wood top.  I plan to distress the top further.  For now its great for book storage.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out of Site, Out of Mind

I started planning to put my old house on the market in the winter of 2010.  I knew I wanted to do a FSBO and from all my HGTV watching I knew I needed to clear out closet and shelf space to make my house seem larger.  No problem.  I started packing things up.  And packing.  And packing.  I realized a couple of things:
1.  I have allot of "stuff"
2.  I needed a placed to store all the "stuff" while I put the house on the market

Scott allowed me to store the boxes in the garage.  I brought them over in batches, as I finished packing, and loaded them on a pallet he had assigned to the project.  The pile grew and grew until finally it looked like this.

Scott shrink wrapped everything and decided it would live on his storage shelves, at the very top.  He loaded it on the forklift.

And put the whole pallet at the very top of the storage shelves.  I think he had an ulterior "out of site, out of mind" plan.

The boxes stayed in storage until the summer of 2012.  Yes, I am ashamed.  I have that much stuff that I didn't even think about unpacking, and therefore, likely didn't need to begin with.  However-I was smart and didn't have Scott retrieve the pile until I had a garage sale planned.  I went through every box at the garage and was able to whittle the pile down to three boxes of things that eventually made their way back to the house.  I was pretty proud that I was able to cull down the load so drastically.  Granted-Scott did remind me a couple of times that I had lived without the stuff for almost a year and a half-how badly could I need it?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The kitchen BEFORE and AFTER...

Two years ago this month, Scott and I found this house.  We knew we could make it fantastic-we knew it would be hard.  We are still not finished.  But-we have accomplished enough and I have been remiss in capturing it.  Let's start with the kitchen-the before and afters are the most dramatic in this room.

 We kept the basic layout the same...kept the cabinets, and upgraded every other finish,

We painted the top cabinets white and the lower cabinets are a very light grey.  The color difference is very can kind of see it in the pantry pic below.  We also mounted the microwave, added a backsplash and upgraded all the appliances to stainless steel.

Sink, dishwasher and fridge BEFORE

This was the view from the doorway to the dining room BEFORE

The view from the dining room AFTER.  We kept some of the upper cabinets open.  Most of the decisions we made in this house were tests to see how we like things for the eventual "forever" house.  I love the look of open cabinets but wanted to make sure we could keep them neat.  We have been upstairs for a year and a half and we have never had an issue.  I love it and am so glad we did a dry run in this house.

You might remember there were extra upper cabinets between the kitchen and dining room.  We took them out to open the space and put in a large peninsula to maximize counter space.

View from dining room toward the kitchen BEFORE
 First day of demo

Day three of demo...the floor removal

View from kitchen toward dining room once the upper cabinets were removed.

Same view today.  We left out one of the lower cabinets to leave room for the trash can and Molly's food.  This was a great decision for how we function in the space.

 This is the best total view.  The difference is almost too much to comprehend.  I think we brought this 1970 wonder into the current day, and then some.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curtains....Curtains I tell you!!!

I knew curtains were important in the dining room.  I needed them to tie the colors of all my upstairs room together.  I also wanted to really love them.  After 5 months of searching I finally admitted that I wasnt going to find a inexpensive, off the shelf option that would work for me.  I searched for a fabric instead and at long last found something I LOVED.  Then I talked myself into spending the money to have the custom curtains and pillows for the couch made from a wonderful seamstress on Etsy.  I think it helps tie the living room/dining room together. 

Here are the new cushions on the couch-which tie into the curtains.
My new curtains.  I am in luurvveee....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Living Room is finally liveable.

Progress.  Sweet progress.  Scott and I are really getting it done around the house.  I am going to split this into as many posts as possible since I have been so stingy with details and pics until now.  Here are some living room afters.
A view of the living room from the stairs...

The living room from the kitchen....

Close up of the new chairs.  I bought the green lumbar pillows to tie in the green used throughout the room.  I plan to monogram them eventually...

Close up of the new pillows on the couch.  Working to tie all the new colors together....
As a reminder-this is where we started...just over a year ago.  Shocking!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” Dr. Seuss

I have slacked on my blog.  I am not sorry.  It's been a busy couple of months.

I have been plotting, planning and running-yep running.

I have some big plans for 2012.  I am trying, with Scott's help, to finish this house.  I want to hang some artwork-get some pillows and curtains, acquire some more furniture.  It's been a (mostly) fun process.  I will share soon.

I am training to run a half marathon.  Yes-it DOES sound crazy!!  I know.  I am not exactly sure how I got here-here in the place where running 3 miles a day is not that big of a deal.  Here where 12-15 miles a week is doable.  But surprise-I am here.  I am a little bit behind in training but I think I can do it.  To be honest I didn't think I could until the last couple of weeks.  Maybe believing is half the battle?  The race is the end of April so I will share more as I go.

I am going to jump out of a plane.  Scott thinks I am nutso.  I want too-and nothing appears to be stopping me.  So soon as I find a place and make an appointment;)

I am learning to accept that we might be a one dog house for awhile.  I want another-don't get me wrong.  but Molly and Scott are not ready.  And that's OK.  Meanwhile I am focusing on Molly and her health.  I need her to live forever;)  I am switching her to a grain free food-which is easier on her kidneys.  I am exercising with her more.  Trying to convince her that cuddling is fun.  I miss Bailey every day-but it doesn't always make me cry now-so that's a step in the right direction!!

I am going to take out my fancy camera and teach myself how to use it.  I found an online course and am really excited about it. 

I am thinking about opening a booth and the antique mall.  I have acquired more than I can use-why not sell it?  I think it would be fun.  This plan is still very conceptual-but it excites me!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011- Year in Review

People talk about time moving quickly.  This past year has been the fastest year of my life.  Much of it a blur.  I took every effort to slow down and soak it in-and still there are months I can't recall.  I thought I would do a high level recap.

January 2011
  • I put my first home on the market.  A little bittersweet but I had to make way for new beginnings.

My first house.

February 2011
  • Scott and I took a short vacation to Southern Florida for the Miami Boat Show and some needed R&R.  You can read all about our vacation here: Our trip to South Florida

March 2011
  • We continued to look for a new home and we found one at the very end of the month.
  • Thankfully less than a week later we went into a contract on Pandora's Box.
  • We set a wedding date for early August and a reception date for late August-the planning begins.
April 2011
  • We closed on the new house and began the demo that same week.  
The new house
May 2011
  • My brother Shaun got married in Hilton Head.
  • Scott and I had our first couples shower.
  • I closed on my house
  • I moved all my things from my house to the basement of the new house
  • The renovations continued
  • Scott and I at Shaun and Allisons wedding.

    Scott and I at our couples shower.

    The group in Charleston for the bachelor/bachelorette party
    July 2011

    • We continued with the house.
    • We took a brief, and very rare break to celebrate Fourth of July at the marina. 
    The sheet between the top and bottom floor of the new house.  It helped with dust and chaos control
    August 2011
    • I celebrated with the ladies for a girls only wedding shower.
    • We traveled to the Bahamas to get married and honeymoon.
    • We came back and had all our family and friends in for a wedding reception

    Our honeymoon

    September 2011
    • The upstairs neared move in ready.  Scott finished the kitchen with appliances.
    • We attended a Univ of TN tailgate-the first of many games which would have better pre-game festivities than the games themselves.
    Scott and the supervisor

    October 2011
    • We MOVED UPSTAIRS.  It took us 6 months. 
    November 2011
    •  Scott went hunting in Arkansas
    •  We moved all Scott's furniture from his garage into the new house.  Finally we were mostly furnished.
    • While he was gone I figured out how to use all my existing holiday decor in the new house
    • We received our wedding license in the mail-so at last we can proof it happened;)
    • We hosted our first Thanksgiving celebration.  In our brand new kitchen.  It went very well.

    December 2011
    • We attended holiday parties galore.  We hosted our third annual garage party which was a success.
    • Bailey took a turn for the worse health wise and we had a very hard 10 days at the end of the month before his small heart couldn't take anymore. He dies on December 19th which was impossibly hard.
    • Scott and I celebrated our first married Christmas-which despite the sadness was nice and good.

    This past year was one of the most hectic I can recall.  I feel we did so much in such a short time.  We had some fantastic highs from getting engaged to getting married after almost 4 years together.  We got to celebrate our life and future with our loved ones.  Those highs made the horrible low of losing Bailey bittersweet.  But-its how it happens.  It can't be all good-bad things happen.  I have high hopes for 2012.  Can't wait to see what's in store!!