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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The return trip, our time at the Treasure Cay airport, Day 7

We flew home on Saturday our of Treasure Cay-across the bay from our island.  We had to take a ferry and because of our flight times we arrived at the airport about 2.5 hours prior to our flight.  It was a small airport-think Wings small.  There were about 7 people working and when we showed we were 1 &2 of 7 customers.  We checked in and took a seat.  To wait.  And wait.  Luckily 45 minutes before our flight the entertainment began. 
1.  About 30 more people showed up for both two other flights leaving out.  So the small airport got crowded, fast.
2.  They cancelled our flight and rescheduled us for another flight that left 2.5 hours later.  Which meant we had to wait in the crowded airport for an additional 3 hours.  YAY!

Scott looked at me and said "could be worse, we could not have air conditioning."  I knew it was a sign of bad things and chastised him for even saying it.

About 20 minutes later the lights started to flicker.  Then they went out.  Shortly after the generator kicked on-and we were back in air conditioned business.  Note-small airport, gazillion people and it was very hot outside.  No air conditioning was the worse case scenario from my perspective.

About 2 hours prior to our flight leaving we heard a crackling noise.  The lights flickered again.  Then we lost power for the second time.  Scott went out to investigate.  The airport fire truck was shooting water on the small out building next to the terminal.  When I say next to the terminal-think 10 feet. 

To recap-the generator which was housed 10 feet away had caught on fire.  That was the crackling noise.  The fire truck was dousing the shooting flames with water.  And we officially had no air conditioning for the last 2 hours of our wait.


We got home around 2:30 am.  It was a long day but at least we had Sunday to recover:)

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