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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Showers and the official end of my first house chapter

I know its June but May was so busy I am still recovering;)   A few days after Shaun's wedding I packed up my stuff and moved into the new house.  Into the basement of the new house since the upstairs is still a war zone.  It hasn't been that bad-its been a month already;)

Scott and I had our first shower two days after I moved.  It was a couples shower at Tennessee National thrown by great friends.  The atmosphere and company were fantastic and I has so much fun.  Scott did too...but I don't know that he will admit it as readily;)

The next week I closed on my first home.  It was touch and go up to the very last moment.  I was convinced the deal was simply going to fall through.  But then-miraculously, it didn't.  I thought I was going to be a mess.  I envisioned myself walking through the empty rooms sobbing.  Thinking-woulda,coulda, shoulda.  But I wasn't and I didn't.  I cleaned it up..took some pictures and wished it well.  I think it served its purpose in my life and I got everything out of it I could get.  There was nothing left there for me.  I know the young couple who purchased it as there first home will make great memories there just like Scott and I will continue to make great memories in our first home together.  Cycle of life, kumbbyeya, say la vie.  In Oprah's words- no bitter, all sweet!!

Speaking of Oprah-I am not ready to address her leaving me.  I dvred her show regularly and loved it.  She taught me allot.

Now the second half of May in pictures;)
The gift table in all its glory.

Megan, Tommy and Matt watching the gift opening carnage.

The ladies enjoying the show.

All the guys...Scott was a bit sad to be cut out of this herd to help with knots and opening;)

Jen's artistic interpretation of the event;)

A glass decanter that Scott was excited to see. Many of the gifts were brand new to him since he allowed me to do some registering on my own;)  This one was for him. 

Chelsea taking diligent notes so I could send my notes of gratitude.

Me with the ribbon bouquet that Megan brilliantly put together.

This one is my favorite.  This captures how much fun I had the whole evening.  Also I never knew I opened my mouth so wide when I laugh? 

The master bedroom at Pandora.  Did I ever show this paint color?  I always loved it and will duplicate it in the new house.

Guest bedroom.  All the rooms looked so tiny once they were empty.

Mater bath.  This room gave us a run for our money as we approached closing.  Scott was a superstar and got everything where it needed to be.

Half bath.  I don't know if I ever showed this reno.  It was the last small room I did at the old house.  Classic cottage style.

Living room.  Also very tiny without furniture.

Friday, June 3, 2011

69 Tips for the Perfect Kitchen

1.  I love Ina Garten

2.  I want a kitchen just like her kitchen-either the main house or the entertainment barn,

3.  I am actively designing a new kitchen

4.  I found this.

5.  I plan to steal as many ideas from this list as possible.

6.  If you have checked out my registries you know I had this thought sometime ago-since it reads a bit like this list.  White platters and cake plates anyone?


69 Tips For The Perfect Kitchen by Ina Garten!

I found this on the fabulous Barefoot Contessa Site and want it ALL! Don't you? 
1Parchment paper
for sheet pans
Available at

2Cook's IllustratedAvailable at

3Graduated glass bowlsAvailable at
4Baking mixesAvailable at
5Olio Santo extra virgin olive oilAvailable at
6Spice drawer and jarsAvailable at
7Personal Recipe FileAvailable at
Golden Eagle Art
631 324 0603
8Plan B - containersAvailable at
11Post-it notes for seatingAvailable at
Office supply stores
12Votive Candle HoldersAvailable at
631 725 5940
13Post-it notes for plattersAvailable at
Office supply stores
and Hotel Silver at
Bergdorf Goodman
800 558 1855
15Extra mixing bowlAvailable at
800 543 7549
166" wood skewers
for cake testers
Available at grocery stores and
17Flat platters by ApilcoAvailable at
18French bread basketsAvailable at
Antique stores
19Gel matsAvailable at
20Large basketAvailable at
21Cast-iron skilletsAvailable at
Hardware and Cookware stores
22Two DishwashersAvailable at
23Chef's Choice 130Available at and
25White BakewareApilco and Pilluyvet
26Extra bowl for
food processor
Available at
27PepperMate pepper millAvailable at
28Large stockpotAvailable at
29TimersAvailable at
Hardware stores and
30Half-sheet pansAvailable at
31Grocery padsAvailable at
The Monogram Shop
32Parchment paper for baking pansAvailable at
34ThermometersAvailable at
Hardware and Cookware stores
35Counting ingredients
before finishing a recipe
37Crocks for utensilsAvailable at
38Pop-up spongesAvailable at
39Handmade bowlsAvailable at
631 725 5940
40Salt crockAvailable at
41Crock for spoons and spatulasAvailable at
42Candy thermometerAvailable at
Hardware and Cookware stores
43White dish towelsAvailable at
44Cooking spoonsHotel Silver
Bergdorf Goodman
800 558 1855
45Plain white platesAvailable at
46Dish towels as napkinsAvailable at
47Large bowl for wineRoyal Boch earthenware
Ruby Beets
48White plattersAvailable at
Antique stores and
49Pretty dessert platesAvailable at
Antique stores and
50Drinking glasses
for vases
Available at
51Place cardsAvailable at
The Monogram Shop
52Unironed linen napkinsAvailable at
631 725 5940
53Chinese strainerAvailable at
Restaurant supply stores
54Box graterAvailable at
Hardware and Cookware stores
55Coffee grinder for spices by KrupsAvailable at
56Salad spinner by OxoAvailable at
57Linen twineAvailable at
58Vegetable peeler
by Kuhn Rikon
59Professional utensilsAvailable at
Restaurant supply stores
60Microplane raspAvailable at
61Professional plastic wrapAvailable at
Restaurant supply stores
62Glass ingredient bowlsAvailable at
63French rolling pinAvailable at
64Cooking scale by SalterAvailable at
65Wooden salad bowlAvailable at
Antique stores
66Storage containersAvailable at
67Graduated stainless
steel bowls
Available at
Restaurant supply stores
68Pastry bags and tipsAvailable at
Chinese take-out containersAvailable at