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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our wedding day-Day 3

A couple of things about eloping, from my experience:
1.  It really is no stress if its just you and the future husband.  Even with the comedy of errors we went through to get out license-it was never really stressfull-just kinda funny.
2.  Without a bunch of people around you can take the day and do what you want.  We chose to sleep in, eat breakfast and then meander on our boat and then on to the pool. I think it was 4:30 when I figured I needed to go back to the room and shower.
3.  Getting ready without the fanfare is a bit odd.  You get ready-and then you sit and wait in your room until its time to go.
4.  I highly reccomend it.  HIGHLY!!

On our wedding day we decided to do what we wanted to do.  Period.  It was weird telling each other, this is our last single breakfast, our last single lunch etc.

We got ready for the wedding and were about 20 minutes from leaving when there was a knock on our door.  It was the man we rented our boat from telling us a big storm was coming in.  He wanted us to move our boat somewhere safer.  Scott said he was a little busy, about to get married and all, so he handed over the keys.  Storm?  What storm?

We get in our golf cart on the way to our ceremony site-a previously selected beach.  On the way there our preacher pulled us over to tell us the "storm" was blowing a hard wind.  The ceremony site we had selected was across from the island dump and since the dump was burning the beach was essentially smoked out.  Um?  Ok-new location.  We followed him.

We got there and you could tell he was concerned about the weather.  He had the witnesses sign the papers before the ceremony which i guess is unusual?  He put us in place with our backs to the water and he started the ceremony.  He kept glancing over our heads to watch/worry about the storm rolling in.  Favorite parts of the ceremony:
1.  When Scott said his full name in his vows there was a HUGE clap of thunder.  Like a sound effect.  We laughed.
2.  Right as he pronounced us man and wife it started to sprinkle.

They say that rain on your wedding day is lucky.  I say a wet knot is much harder to untie.  Either way it was wonderful!!

Scott and I smirking after a well placed thunder clap interrupted our vows.

Note how excited Scott's face appears as he receives his wedding band.

Sealed with a kiss!!

Our first official photo as man and wife.  Big kudos to our witnesses, who were both our something borrowed and our photographers!!

The sun came out after the ceremony so we had drinks on our dock.  A very relaxed cocktail party for two.

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