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Friday, August 5, 2011

Nobody puts Bailey in a Box

We have allot of boxes around the house.  As children are want to do-we have found small ways to entertain ourselves with the toys we have on hand.  The other day I wanted to see what Bailey would do if we put him in the microwave box.
At first he was just sitting there-looking at me.  Wondering exactly this turn of events meant for him.

Then he realized I had landed him in the land of milk and honey.  The box was full of packing supplies like paper.  No dog likes paper like Bailey likes paper.  He will steal it whenver he can and hide under the bed to eat it.  If we try to retrieve it he growls and has been note to nip. 

We realized we had to distract him so encouraged him to jump up on the side of the box-like this.  Note-he would have been content in the box all day with the endless supply of paper and self inflicted safety zone from Molly.  He was happy as a clam.

Bailey Praire Dog Style.  I think he is saying-get me out of the damn box.

Moral of the story- Bailey likes paper & Bailey likes being in boxes but Bailey does not care for his owners silly human games.  Point taken little man, point taken.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take Out Anyone?

People make lots of funny comments about our remodeling project.  Most of them center on the common empathetic themes of "i am sure its almost done," "it can't be that bad," and "think how much you will love it when it's finished."  All true-all true my friends.  While its not that bad the worst part, by far, is the lack of kitchen.  I tell people we don't have a kitchen and they smile and smirk as if I am kidding.  Last weekend I took a group of girlfriends on a mini tour of the upstairs and the overwhelming response- "YOU SERIOUSLY DON'T HAVE A KITCHEN!!"  I realized that maybe I am not emphasizing my lack.  Here is a picture of my current kitchen:
What's for dinner?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tale of the Green Lantern, aka the Chandelier

We had a lovely brass and white chandelier in our dining room.  You do not recall?  Photographic evidence follows.
The old white and gold chandelier in its old home environment.  Little does it know the plans we have.

The chandelier ready for its new coat of paint.
 Scott and I figured we could try painting this thing before we looked for a replacement.  Once again-a decision based on time and money (a little bit of time and no money being our favorite combo) than "how can we recycle what we have."    We decided to paint it a coordinating, not matching color.  I wanted something that popped and I know the dining room will be a gray and the kitchen a blue.  Originally I leaned toward pink but that seemed a little predictable.  Instead I went with green-a grass green.  I had Scott take it down and promised he wouldn't have to be involved.  He was sold on the cheap and no work to him plan.
The in process shot.  I taped off all the electrical and set myself up a little painting booth in the carport.  Note extra sheets to protect our new fence!!

Two cans of spray paint later and she is finished.  This pic makes our ceiling look purple-which it is not.
This is the newly improved chandelier hung in its old spot.  I still have some finishing touches but love the color and am overall happy with the process.