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Monday, November 7, 2011

Shih Tzu Art-Bailey in Oil

OK-if you already think I am a crazy dog lady I would encourage you to stop reading this now.  It's about to get worse, much worse. 

I stumbled upon this blog-  I have been enjoying it very much.  Then I realized they did custom pet portraits-  I have always wanted one of my dogs...and put the idea on the back burner.  The stars aligned in September and they ran a special.  SIGN ME UP.  They do small portraits so I decided to get Bailey's done first.  Molly will have her time in the sun later, as to not show any favoritism.

I picked a few photos I really liked and consulted with the artists.  The day it arrived was like Christmas!!  So exciting.

Bailey in oil. 

The portrait with the muse (who does not look amused.)

Bailey is over the photo shoot and the portrait. 

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