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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Wedding Celebration-Food

Scott and I knew we wanted the food at our wedding party to be casual, fun and most important-GOOD!  How many receptions do you go to where the food is awful?  He wanted BBQ and I readily agreed because I knew I could make even ordinary food look extraordinary.  When it came to dessert-I knew I wanted cupcakes and a small slicing cake.  I wanted upscale casual.  Fun but nice.  I think we knocked it out of the park!  Everything raved about the food-especially the mac and cheese for weeks afterward.

A wide shot of our dessert table.  I used cake plates to stagger all the cupcakes.  I ran burlap runners from front to back to add texture and interest.

My slicing cake on a vintage milk glass cake platter.  My brilliant friend Jen crafted my cake topper using my fabric from the pendants as inspiration.  I was putting it together with coffee stirrers at the last minute, while getting my hair done.

I made simple placard to tell guests the flavors of the cupcakes.  I used this as another place for my custom monogram.

Close up of the cupcake flags.

All the strawberry cupcakes lined up with their green flags.

The food buffet.  I opted for several smaller chafing dishes and split the food into two lines.  I repeated the burlap runners here and used candles, mercury glass, vintage wood boxes and lanterns liberally.  Most of the decor was from my own home.  I have collected these things for years and decided to use what I have and what I love.

The silverware in a vintage box.  I love this display.

The entire food buffet from the head of the table.  I used a three tier tray from Pottery Barn for the BBQ slider rolls.  I registered for this piece and was so excited when I received it.  I love it and can think of a million ways to use it in the future.

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