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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Woohoo-now that Thanksgiving time is behind us we can all officially gear up toward Christmas!!!  This is my first Married Christmas and I am pretty excited.  Scott is still warming up to all my festive-ness, but I think I am gaining ground.  For example I think I have him almost convinced to take the dogs to see Santa this weekend.  We'll see:)

I have some fun holiday ideas that I have bookmarked over the year.  I wanted to share with you, my loyal reader (s.)  Maybe these will spark some ideas for you and your loved ones!!

1.  Gift Certificate for a custom pet painting.  You might recall I had a small Bailey oil painting done, which I love.  This is a fun idea (and would allow me to get Molly painted too!)
A Pooch Portrait.
2. I love this etsy shop.  They do these cool prints of states, including all the cities.  Pic below.  Great gift for someone who like b/w prints or is far from home. 
Great State Print

3.  I love navy and white.  LOVE!!!  This little clutch was on my list this summer and I never got around to ordering it.  I think its nice to be reminded that warm weather will come back.
 4. I love monogrammed anything-and I really like these fun monogrammed necklaces.  I think it would be sweet to have a "C, S and P."  Love how delicate they are.
Monogrammed Necklace
5.  I collect pigs.  In secret-and VERY selectively.  I love this with a passion.  I shared with Scott-I don't think he was phased by my pig speaker lust!!!
Porcelain Pig Ipod Speaker

6.  New monogrammed stationary or market tote, or beach bag for that matter.  I am sad that all my favorite things have my old initials. 

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  1. Great Etsy find - love those prints!!!! I am working on a Southern gift guide for DC ladies and I may steal that from you!