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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The First 100 Days

As of today, Scott and I have been married 100 days.  I know it's slightly random to count the days-but I mentioned to Scott that I wished I had noted our 1,000 days together mark and since I forgot to pay attention he said I could pay attention to our first 100 days.  I think most do a state of the state after 100 days.  Here goes:
1.  We have finished 90% of our upstairs home remodel.  We are down to little things like switch plates.
2.  Scott moved his furniture from the garage into our new house-now every room has something in it!!
3.  We completely skipped the month of September it seems.  Really-where did it go?
4.  We have been to Bed Bath and Beyond approximately 10 times.  Each time Scott hates it more.
5.  All thank you notes are finished, sent and hopefully received.
6.  We bought ourselves a wedding gift-a hot tub.  More on that later
7.  We attended 2 UT football games, or shall I say tailgates.  The team lost both games-they do that allot this year.
8.  We moved upstairs in the new house.
9.  We introduced our parents and family to one another.
10. We cemented the fact that we both dislike disorganization and clutter.  However we define what this means differently. 
11.  We spent 5 nights apart-while I traveled for work to SF and NY.
12.  We realized that renovating a house is stressful and hard.  It has caused more arguments that we are used too. 
13.  I proved that you can use your china everyday if you simply decide to do so.  Scott is convinced our china bowls are changing shape in the dishwasher.  I am not certain I disagree:)
14. We bought a new washer-which I am so excited about!!!  Scott hints at the fact that I "broke" the old one on purpose.  All I can say-I am happy the old one is broken.
15.  Being married "feels" different.  Not sure I can quantify why-but it does.  We naturally split tasks and chores.  It is like having a teammate that you can count on and that you really enjoy spending time with. 

So far so good!!  Outlook is better than most after a mere 100 days-yep i am talking to you politicians!!

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  1. Happy 100! I'm glad it feels different for you, too - I would agree on that (in contrast to non-legal binding co-hab ;)) and was so glad, for me, that was the case!