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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curtains....Curtains I tell you!!!

I knew curtains were important in the dining room.  I needed them to tie the colors of all my upstairs room together.  I also wanted to really love them.  After 5 months of searching I finally admitted that I wasnt going to find a inexpensive, off the shelf option that would work for me.  I searched for a fabric instead and at long last found something I LOVED.  Then I talked myself into spending the money to have the custom curtains and pillows for the couch made from a wonderful seamstress on Etsy.  I think it helps tie the living room/dining room together. 

Here are the new cushions on the couch-which tie into the curtains.
My new curtains.  I am in luurvveee....


  1. Love that fabric!!! Would you mind sharing the brand and design? I have been on the hunt as well...We are working with the same colors!

  2. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  3. Wow! How smart to use the same fabric for your curtains and your throw pillows. =D You should probably change the rug in your room – one that goes well with your beautiful curtains. Aside from that, everything else is A-Okay.

    Roxie Tenner

    1. Thanks Roxie. I have upgraded to a rug that doesn't compete with the curtains. I just needed to take some time to find the perfect size and color. Take a look at tomorrows post to see the difference.

  4. The view from the outside is breathtaking, so it’s really wonderful that you have that glass window. You can clearly see wonderful sights anytime you want. :) Anyhow, your curtain is adorable and it makes the room look lively!

    Rodney Orton