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Thursday, February 9, 2012

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” Dr. Seuss

I have slacked on my blog.  I am not sorry.  It's been a busy couple of months.

I have been plotting, planning and running-yep running.

I have some big plans for 2012.  I am trying, with Scott's help, to finish this house.  I want to hang some artwork-get some pillows and curtains, acquire some more furniture.  It's been a (mostly) fun process.  I will share soon.

I am training to run a half marathon.  Yes-it DOES sound crazy!!  I know.  I am not exactly sure how I got here-here in the place where running 3 miles a day is not that big of a deal.  Here where 12-15 miles a week is doable.  But surprise-I am here.  I am a little bit behind in training but I think I can do it.  To be honest I didn't think I could until the last couple of weeks.  Maybe believing is half the battle?  The race is the end of April so I will share more as I go.

I am going to jump out of a plane.  Scott thinks I am nutso.  I want too-and nothing appears to be stopping me.  So soon as I find a place and make an appointment;)

I am learning to accept that we might be a one dog house for awhile.  I want another-don't get me wrong.  but Molly and Scott are not ready.  And that's OK.  Meanwhile I am focusing on Molly and her health.  I need her to live forever;)  I am switching her to a grain free food-which is easier on her kidneys.  I am exercising with her more.  Trying to convince her that cuddling is fun.  I miss Bailey every day-but it doesn't always make me cry now-so that's a step in the right direction!!

I am going to take out my fancy camera and teach myself how to use it.  I found an online course and am really excited about it. 

I am thinking about opening a booth and the antique mall.  I have acquired more than I can use-why not sell it?  I think it would be fun.  This plan is still very conceptual-but it excites me!!

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  1. Good luck on your house redo! Yes, that necklace comes in a pretty orange color or in black. Let me know if you want one, I'm about the place an order!