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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Antiques and Auctions, oh my

One thing Scott and I enjoy is hunting for antiques.  We have gone to antique fairs and stores far and wide in search for special pieces for our home.  It's a nice hobby that we both enjoy.  Recently we have gotten into the local auction circuit which has been so much fun.  I will share some of our past finds and the newer pieces as we add them to the house.

We found this chest in Ohio and we love it as our upstairs coffee table.  The colors are perfect and its still in working order, which allows me a great place to store serving pieces which we don't use often.

 We got this industrial sign in Ohio.  I loved the coloring, the size and the reference to my hometown.  We carted it all the way home and hung it before Scott mentioned that "perhaps" the subject matter could be misconstrued in an "off-color" way.  For some reason that endeared it to me more...which is likely a sign of a mental imbalance;)

We got this chest in Ohio.  It's perfect in the entryway.  On top of the dresser is a really cool piece, I will get a better picture soon.  It's a time clock from Scott's grandpas old job- some 50-60 years ago.  We found it in the family barn.  His name is on it...its the coolest thing ever.

 We got this old school table in Ohio.  The chairs we got in Tennessee.  I painted them to bring some color into the space.

 This old scale came from Ohio.  I think it looks so cool in our kitchen.  We actually use it to store fruit-it only gets a place if we can apply some sort of function to it.
 This is one of my favorite pieces from our last trip to Ohio.  As you can tell, our last trip was fairly fruitful.  This is an old organization unit from a factory in the Midwest.  I use it to corral my knickknacks.
 Close up...its full of mostly Easter goodies this time of year.

 Scott stumbled upon this old tanning lamp while we were in Ohio.  He was able to turn it into a standing lamp.

You might remember we purchased this old nail bin, the summer of 2011.  In the midst of the wedding planning and remodel we knew we had to have it.  Because we are crazy.

We, Scott of course, split the nail bin into three sections.  He took the outer two sections and the top and is using them in his garage.  The third section we used with a reclaimed wood top.  I plan to distress the top further.  For now its great for book storage.

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