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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We are still working on the house.  Many of the things we are doing are not really good blog fodder.  For example...when Scott redoes wiring it makes ME sleepy-so I imagine it would make you all sleepy too.  But he has been wiring...and plumbing...and sheetrocking.  That last one is worth covering.  Our house was an interesting split level/split foyer layout.  It's not a classic example of either but a meld of the two. 

I have no real before pics of this.  But imagine walking into a small foyer and right in front of you is a wall that is high, but not quite to the ceiling.  We took it DOWN!  Scott convinced me to do it and it was a brilliant idea.

This is a in process pic of the wall removed before the sheetrock had been replaced.  The wall went up to the hallway height...which left it short of the celing by 3-4 feet
This is a view down the hallway once the wall had been removed.  It really did open everything up.  You can also see a weird vent that had no purpose above the wall.  We had plans to take it down too.

Here is the wall after the drywall work was completed.  Now you still walk into a wall but the hallway is open to the light and front door.  Weird vent removed and drywall fixed.

View into the hallway after the drywall work was completed.
Many more detail pics to come....its been a busy couple of weeks.

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