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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Basement Land

There has been some mild curiosity on how we are living in our house, during this massive construction phase.  When we moved into the house in mid-May we moved straight into the basement.  When I say basement its really just the bottom floor.  The house is split level so the bottom level has a living area, a bar with sink, a bathroom, laundry and a bedroom.  Its fairly functional for a short amount of time.    We also have sliding doors to the outside so the dogs have full access to their backyard and we have sunlight.  It's still a bit cramped.  Mom-this is for you-pics of my box land:
Close up of the wall of boxes/ box springs and assorted "stuff."

View from the basement door.  This makes it look like chaos...and I am starting to think it might be.  Thankfully I am able to tune the whole mess out since I know I am not a hoarder and this is a short term solution.
And not to worry..the dogs appear totally unphased by their new digs.  Most days when I come home I find some version of this going on.  I guess it is the lazy dog days of summer:)


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