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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Showers and the official end of my first house chapter

I know its June but May was so busy I am still recovering;)   A few days after Shaun's wedding I packed up my stuff and moved into the new house.  Into the basement of the new house since the upstairs is still a war zone.  It hasn't been that bad-its been a month already;)

Scott and I had our first shower two days after I moved.  It was a couples shower at Tennessee National thrown by great friends.  The atmosphere and company were fantastic and I has so much fun.  Scott did too...but I don't know that he will admit it as readily;)

The next week I closed on my first home.  It was touch and go up to the very last moment.  I was convinced the deal was simply going to fall through.  But then-miraculously, it didn't.  I thought I was going to be a mess.  I envisioned myself walking through the empty rooms sobbing.  Thinking-woulda,coulda, shoulda.  But I wasn't and I didn't.  I cleaned it up..took some pictures and wished it well.  I think it served its purpose in my life and I got everything out of it I could get.  There was nothing left there for me.  I know the young couple who purchased it as there first home will make great memories there just like Scott and I will continue to make great memories in our first home together.  Cycle of life, kumbbyeya, say la vie.  In Oprah's words- no bitter, all sweet!!

Speaking of Oprah-I am not ready to address her leaving me.  I dvred her show regularly and loved it.  She taught me allot.

Now the second half of May in pictures;)
The gift table in all its glory.

Megan, Tommy and Matt watching the gift opening carnage.

The ladies enjoying the show.

All the guys...Scott was a bit sad to be cut out of this herd to help with knots and opening;)

Jen's artistic interpretation of the event;)

A glass decanter that Scott was excited to see. Many of the gifts were brand new to him since he allowed me to do some registering on my own;)  This one was for him. 

Chelsea taking diligent notes so I could send my notes of gratitude.

Me with the ribbon bouquet that Megan brilliantly put together.

This one is my favorite.  This captures how much fun I had the whole evening.  Also I never knew I opened my mouth so wide when I laugh? 

The master bedroom at Pandora.  Did I ever show this paint color?  I always loved it and will duplicate it in the new house.

Guest bedroom.  All the rooms looked so tiny once they were empty.

Mater bath.  This room gave us a run for our money as we approached closing.  Scott was a superstar and got everything where it needed to be.

Half bath.  I don't know if I ever showed this reno.  It was the last small room I did at the old house.  Classic cottage style.

Living room.  Also very tiny without furniture.

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  1. A few things....
    1. Happy Belated - I was out of on your official b'day, and missed wishing you well!
    2. Y'all look so happy at your shower!!
    3. Will always love your Pandora living room - those built ins, my fave!
    4. Can't wait to see what you do to the new house!
    5. Happy Weekend!