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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Derby Party, Shaun's wedding, Bird Cage veils!!!

We are still working on the house but May has been a month of sidetracks.  We knew we were going to have lots of activities on our weekends and we certainly have.   We started the month with the annual Derby Party.  This is one of my favorite events because it encourages, maybe even requires, hats for the ladies.  This year I did a nod toward the British Royal wedding and wore a fascinator.  I felt fascinating and LOVED it!!!

Scott and I at the annual Derby party.  This is one of my favorite parties because I get license to wear a fascinator!!
 The next weekend was the second big event of the month-my little brothers wedding in Hilton Head.  We went over for a long weekend and got to visit with family and spend some time outside.  The weather was wonderful the day of the actual wedding which was a relief since it was a bit overcast the days prior.  Scott used the event as a firm reminder that wearing a tie or maybe even pants at our wedding might be out of the question.  I think my brother Shaun, who had to wear a suit and tie in 80 degree weather, will gladly agree that maybe long pants and sleeves are ill-advised;)   

Scott and I at the rehearsal dinner.

Scott and I at the wedding.  The reception was held right on the beach, it was lovely.

Shaun and Allie during the cutting of the cake.  I think the expression is due to some inappropriate comment made by the crowd.
Shaun and my mom dancing at the wedding.
The whole fam-damily at the wedding.  This was toward the end of the evening so we might look a bit worn...but still cute:)

Speaking of weddings....I am still planning the big day for Scott and me.  I have made serious progress on all fronts-except for my dress.  I knew I needed to get on the stick.  I gathered a group of girl friends and we went shopping, wedding dress shopping.  It was so FUN!!!  I tried on everything the ladies wanted to see....nothing was off limits.  I think I am narrowing in on what I like and want...but haven't quite found it yet.  I do know a headpiece like these will be featured!!!

I love wedding fascinators.  Stay tuned to see this again!!

Bird Cage veils make me HAPPY!!!!
Jen got into the fascinators as well.  She saw this when we walked in and wore it during the entire "try-on" session.  I think she would fully support if I asked the lassies to wear head gear like this to my wedding reception.
 I will the second half of the month in another post.  Yes-this is only two weeks worth of activities and doesn't include any of the house stuff;),Jen

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