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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dresser, Before & After

As we prepare to move upstairs we have been doing inventory on our existing furniture.  We quickly realized we don't have quite what we need for the larger spaces in the new house.  We went to our favorite antique event in search of a few key pieces including a double dresser for the master, a larger kitchen table, some bookcases, side tables and something we can work with as a buffet in our dining room.  We came home with a double dresser for the master, two lawn jockeys, beer paraphernalia, and some small organizing items.  We have the dresser at least:)

The best before I have.  You can see the piece wasn't that bad.  The finish had some issues.

Close up of some of the drawers.

AFTER- I gave it a coat of glossy white and some fun handles.  We are short one-and are actively stalking Home Depot for that last handle.

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